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Terms of Service

Before enrolling in any of our training courses, you have to agree to the following terms of service.
  1. We guarantee to support you and respond to all of your related questions in the whole duration of a course in a timely manner. This is one of the main ways to assure you’re making satisfactory progress towards the course goal.
  2. The course contents are downloadable (unless otherwise stated on the course description page), and you will have access to every available downloadable material as soon as you are enrolled and approved. This means that you might be able to download all of the course materials on the first moment you login to our system.
  3. You agree not to distribute, share, or copy the course materials and/or use it for any other purpose than your personal training. You are not allowed to use the course material towards training of any third party. You are not allowed to reuse the course materials after the duration of the course, but only for the purpose of refreshing your training.
  4. If a course contains labs, they will be either downloadable or online. Downloadable labs might be of a considerable size, and downloading them is solely your responsibility. Online labs will be available only in a duration set by the instructors, and will go offline afterwards.
  5. Every piece of material available to you will be somewhat watermarked (i.e stamped on with your personal information). You are not allowed to remove the watermarks in any condition.
  6. If a piece of course material is leaked, and it contains your watermark (i.e leaked from your systems), you will be held responsible for any damages related to the leakage.
  7. As soon as we approve your enrollment and payment, and you are able to login to our systems and download the course materials, your payment will be non-refundable. This is due to the fact that you will have access to a significant portion of the course material. Please keep in mind that you can negotiate with us for a partial (or full) refund, but we are not obligated by any means to do the refund.
  8. If you’ve enrolled under a discounted price (e.g early bird registration, group registration, special cases, …) you are not eligible for refunds or cancellations, even prior to us confirming your payment and activating your account.
  9. If by any accidents, the course is not delivered fully to the participants, a partial discount will be calculated and payed to the students.
  10. Different revisions of this agreement will be saved in our system, marked by a date of update. You are agreeing to the revision that was on the website at the time you filled the enrollment form.

September 10, 2013


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