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Penetration Testing



This course will provide an enthusiastic student with many concepts of penetration testing, covering the range from infrastructure penetration testing to highest levels of web application testing. It has been taught over many years and the content have been published as a book, which makes the course very mature. Students will practice what they are taught on prepared virtual machines and try to get most out of the theories. Browse the course syllabus for a detailed outline of the concepts that will be covered. Visit the instructors page to get to know your teachers better.


Basic computer network familiarity, as well as basic programming is recommended but not required.


The participant will be able to test a network and/or system for security flaws, creating a detailed reports of all the aspects, finding vulnerabilities and knowing how to patch them.

Course Material

  • Interactive Slides
  • Video Tutorials
  • Downloadable Virtual Machines
  • Staff Responding to Every Question

Sample Video


Sample Chapter

You can download a sample chapter to review the quality of materials here.


We’re expecting a high number of registrations, that’s why this course is as affordable as $799.


Students will receive a certificate of  “certified penetration tester” upon successful completion of the training. This course has a final exam, which is out of 150 points, and anyone receiving 50 points or above is certified with their score mentioned (100 is full score).

What You Should Bring

Students are required to have a personal computer with enough memory to run virtual machines, and spend enough time on the course and its assignments.

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