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Early Bird Registration

ZDResearch Training supports enthusiasts and eager students by providing them with an approximate 20% discount on early bird registration of the courses, this means that the student will be required to pay only what the course preparation costs to us, and nothing more. Early bird registration time differs for each of our courses, and might change. We will post a news article if the early bird time is extended. You can see the times below:  
NO Title Early Bird Early Price Start Time Regular price
 1 Advanced Web Hacking 15 November 2013 $800   25 November 2013  $1000
 2 Reverse Engineering 30 September 2013 —— Released  $1100
 3 Penetration Testing 20 Novomber 2013 $640 30 November 2013  $800
 4 Exploit Development 30 September 2013 —— Released  $1200

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