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Reverse Engineering



Reverse engineering is the art of understanding machine code and meddling with it. An expert reverse engineer can change a binary (compiled) application in any way s/he wants, just like s/he has the source code. This course teaches you to be an expert reverse engineer. On top of that, you will learn methods to increase your performance, you will get to know the tools of the trade and master them, learn how to protect against reverse engineering and more importantly, how to bypass all those protections. Feel free to check the brief course syllabus, and contact us if you need a more detailed outline. Visit the instructors page to get to know your teachers better.


Assembly language, computer programming, familiarity with C programming language.


Participants will be able to trace, understand and modify binary files to achieve any desired effect. On top of that, they will be able to find possible security flaws in an application.

Course Material

  • Interactive Slides
  • Video Tutorials
  • Downloadable Virtual Machines
  • Staff Responding to Every Question

Sample Video

Sample Chapter

You can download a sample chapter to review the quality of materials here.


This is a very well thought course, based on our unique methods, at a very reasonable price of $1099.


Students will receive a certificate of  “professional reverse engineer” upon successful completion of the training. This course has a final lab, in which students need to reverse engineer their way through a set of applications and mend them to their will.

What You Should Bring

Students are required to have a personal computer with enough memory to run virtual machines, and spend enough time on the course and its labs & assignments.

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